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When choosing logs for your home, don't take the decision lightly. Appearance is a big factor, but your decision should be based on more than aesthetics and emotions. Choosing logs isn't like choosing paint. In a full log structure, logs are used as structural components. If the logs aren't sound, neither is the home, and not all logs are created equal, so shop around.


Lakeside Log Homes, is proud to offer affordable custom log homes of the highest quality. We only use  kiln dried eastern white pine logs in the construction of our homes. Why do we kiln dried logs? Our eastern white pine log protects your log homes interior against heat and cold better than any other type of commonly used wood. Many other builders use air dried logs. Traditional air dried logs have 2.5 times more water content than kiln dried logs. The large amount of moisture in air dried logs can lead to a number of problems like large checks, splitting, shrinkage, settling, air seepage and rot after your home is built. We are proud to offer the best log homes in the industry.




Double D-Log

Round Log

Square V-Log